Timothy Project

5 Month Course – $239.99

Join six like-minded men as you meet with the Author Randy Bronkema online and are lead through the course.  Graduates receive a graduation ceremony, a certificate, and are welcomed into our growing community. 

Unit 1: Two Voices Every Person Hears

You’re Not Dead Yet
Two Voices
A Man With Purpose
Governing Values
Defining Success

Unit 2: More Than "Just a Leader"

Who is a Leader?
More Than Just a Leader
Humble Heart: Teachable Leader
“..And They Hid..”
12 Steps to the “Heart”
Giving NOT Getting

Unit 3: From Your Heart to Head to Hands

The Head of a Leader
A Vision Caster
An Implementer
Effective Ministry
From Heart to Head to Hands

Unit 4: Be a Superhero

A Leader’s Life
The Secret of Being a Superhero

Unit 5: Roles Center Us

What’s the Point?
At the Center of it All
The Roles we Have Been Given
Write it Down
Embrace the Vision

Randy Bronkema


Randy has a passion to focus his energy on helping men rediscover their “why” or mission. When that passion becomes the central focus of a man’s life it will bring out passion for God, unveil the calling on a person’s life, and show people how to lead others away from their lack of direction and destructive “busyness.” There are two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it. Randy helps men develop and execute a personal mission that will inspire!

What You Get

  • A 30-minute biweekly accountability session with Randy Bronkema.
  • Full copy of the Timothy Project printed book.
  • PDF copy of the Timothy Project book.
  • Certificate of completion.

Unit 6: Success Defined

“So, What is Success?”
Why Were You Created?
Are You Growing?
Are You Serving?
Are You Dreaming?
Start Today!

Unit 7: Attitude Matters

In Charge
Attitude Determines Action
Seven Signs of a Great Attitude
Take Responsibility
It Requires Planning
Write it Out

Unit 8: Keep an Eye on the Road Signs

Looking Back
Personal Growth Plan
Making Choices
Fear Breeds Inaction
Failing Forward

Unit 9: The Battle for Self-Control

Are we There Yet?
The Cost Involved
Acceptable or Great
Where Your Treasure is
A Family Affair
The Cycle of Self-Control

Unit 10: To Learn and to Teach

The Right People
Learning and Leading
The Power of Positive
Steps to Positive

Unit 11: A Leader Who Serves

Jesus on Leadership
Accepting the Call
Washing Feet
Being Washed
In Everything We Do

Unit 12: Leading by Following

Waiting to be Exalted
Learning to Wait
Jesus was a Follower First
Are You a Follower First?

Unit 13: Act Like a Man, Lead Like a Servant

Created to be Great
Relationship Counts
Risk Takers
Raw Materials
Equipping Followers
Build a Team

Unit 14: The End and the Beginning

Setting Goals
Put Your Dream to the Test

Unit 15: Your Future Starts Now

Staying the Course
A Personal Note
Make the Impossible, Possible

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