Our Mission:


The Timothy Project is a non-profit dedicated to helping Men with restless hearts and a strong desire to follow Jesus, find their mission and the courage to achieve it. This program is more than just a book.  With all of the modern male movements in our country today, the modern Church is having trouble reaching men. Women comprise more than 60 percent of the average church congregation on any given Sunday. At least one fifth of married women regularly worship without their husbands.  This does not follow God’s design.

The Timothy Project is not for the weak minded. It is for the brave, the heroes. Maybe the key to be a superhero is finding the courage not just to modify our behaviors, but actually to become different people.


Maybe you feel like I am overstating but consider for a moment what we admire in heroes like Batman, Robin Hood, even James Bond. These characters all embody something we have valued throughout the ages. These characters are not bound by the rules of our boring existence. These characters have broken into a much bigger world – a world with endless possibilities. A world with meaning. A world with life.

Why do we like watching heroes? Perhaps we are drawn to heroes because they let us feel what it might be like to have the mental toughness to break the rules and live life like we dreamed it was supposed to be lived. Maybe we like to imagine that we could cause justice and implement change and be someone that takes care of people.

We hold our heroes to this standard, we expect it from them, we need them to come through, but friends, do we ever expect those things in our own lives?

The Timothy Project is about finding your guts to live this kind of life. This is it. Guts. We must have a strong mind that has a great capacity of energy and stamina to face challenges and the courage to try. Mental toughness gives us the courage to grow from the stress we experience in life. It is a mindset comprised of several qualities and attitudes:  Confidence, Courage, Commitment, Control, and Purpose.
Maybe the characteristics of a hero aren’t secret “ingredients” but if that is so, why is it that only a small handful of people learn to harness their power and live in a world full of possibility?

Imagine a person rooted in these things; full of confidence and courage, committed, in control of themselves and living a life of purpose. Don’t you suppose that person is going to seem like a
superhero? Isn’t it going to feel like they are functioning in a different place the rest of us aren’t allowed to go?
But it’s not true. You and I can be superheroes too. We can live a life of purpose, full of courage, and self-control. These are things that we can learn, and if we have the courage, we can apply.

We can be superheroes!

We need to walk together, challenge each other, expect more from each other, and move toward a different tomorrow for our next generation; a different world that is led by strong men with vision and hope for a future. Men who love their God and know how to hear his voice and respond as men with courage to follow!


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