Our Measurement of Success

How will we measure the success of the Timothy Project?


We will measure the stories of the men whose lives have been challenged and changed by the Timothy Project.  These stories will be about men who were once discouraged or trapped in their own lives and who found purpose and learned to articulate their “why”.  Stories of men that have learned to clearly understand why God created them.  These men will be motivated with a new passion to pursue their purpose and to change the culture around them for the glory of Jesus Christ.

These stories will be shared and used to motivate others around this nation and the world.  People will remember that our God is a God who chooses ordinary men and they will know that He is still working today.  They will take courageous steps to believe that God can make those changes in their lives as well.  These stories will be communicated though our website, blogs, newsletter and other correspondence that can be used to bless and help others achieve their purpose.

These stories will be the common bond that ties the Timothy Project Alumni together, building a strong community of men that encourage, pray for, challenge, and bless each other.  Only Timothy Project Alumni will have access to this virtual community in order that like-minded participants can spur each other on to continue in the courage and belief of their mission. We will use the participation and ongoing stories of Alumni as a gauge of the lasting impact this program has had on lives.

The measure of our success will be clearly seen in the men who write new stories for their lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.  These stories will ring the truth of Christ at the center of the lives of men that have vision to get out of their seat and influence our culture for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!