Our Tomorrow

The Timothy Project is moving beyond West Michigan.  In order to accomplish this we are prepared to enhance the delivery of the program to include electronic communication. Thanks to the functionality of the Internet, communication can remain constant and the program will maintain its individual focus while expanding its borders to include those outside of contact proximity.

The belief that this program will change each participant that grabs hold of the opportunity drives our vision of where this program will go.  We see it moving into prisons, colleges, businesses and corporations.

It will remain a one-to-one program with many Timothy Project alumni continuing as mentors.  Each mentor can work with up to five Timothy Project Participants (TPP) at a time; assuming that within that ratio the mentor is able to give each TPP the attention and focus necessary for success.

The vision of the Timothy Project is to get men dreaming again!

We intend to help them unearth the mission in their life, planted by God in their heart before the beginning of time.  The process will be accomplished by following Solomon’s wisdom as men sharpen each other and give each other the permission to dream and act upon those dreams.

Over the next five years we will grow the Timothy Project into four separate venues:

Churches:  We will be in 100 different churches located throughout this nation.  In each church we will first identify, educate and train 2 to 3 men that will go on to train and promote the Timothy Project within their church.  They will use the Timothy Project manual to bring purpose and passion to over 100 men in each of these churches.   10,000 men will be reached with the message of purpose and passion and will begin to change the church and this nation for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Prisons: Next we will begin working with prison ministries experts from organizations like “Prison Fellowship” to advise us in taking the Timothy Project material into the prisons.  In the next five years our goal is to be delivering workshops in 100 prisons all over the nation.  If we can give passion and purpose to 100 prisoners in each of these prisons that would be 10,000 men that would never see prison again and further, men that would be influencing culture around them adding value to others and fulfilling their mission in life.

Businesses and Non-Profits: We intend to introduce the program to businesses and non-profits as leadership/mission programs to be offered within their organizations.  If we can help organizations to understand the value of people and of functioning within the true mission and purpose of the organization, it would change their company by increasing earnings and generating a culture of momentum and excitement.  We will service over 250 organizations all over this nation.  Working with 5 to 100 people in each organization would give another 5,000 people purpose and passion.

State Governments: We will take the Timothy Project to state governments to help them offer hope and direction to the epidemic of unemployment.  We will help invest into their lives and futures with the message of the Timothy Project.  If we are doing training sessions in all fifty states we could reach over 1000 people in each state with purpose and passion.  That would be over 50,000 people with a new vision for themselves and with the power of hope for a future full of purpose and passion.

By God’s grace we will reach over 75,000 people with the Timothy Project.  In the next five years we will double that amount and reach over 250,000 with purpose and passion.