Our Outcomes

At the end of the Timothy Project, graduates (TPG) will:

Demonstrate Habits that Determine Success:  A TPG will practice habits of success.   During the program, they will have walked alongside their mentor to fully understand the impact these habits will have on their life and will have proven their capability to incorporate these habits into their daily life.

Clearly Define Governing Core Values:  A TPG will know what defines who he is and what are the non-negotiable values in his life. He will understand how to evaluate opportunities and situations using core values to help guide him take the actions that will support his mission and strengthen his life’s work.

Understand Primary Roles and Demonstrate Leadership within Roles: Every man plays many different roles in his life; i.e.  boss, father, husband, church member, ect.  A TPG will have successfully identified the individual roles he plays and will have defined what it means to be a leader in each role.  He will no longer compartmentalize his life, but will learn to apply his mission in all aspects of his life.

Become a Risk Taker who Fails Forward: TPG will redefine the word failure and will in turn become risk takers, using experience and disappointment to sharpen him.  TPG are driven by the belief that they were created for an important purpose in this world and will act in light of that belief.

Road Map a Defined Measure of Success:  Many move so fast that they lose sight of what they are moving for.  TPG will no longer live like that. They will have a definition of success in life which will allow them to make a roadmap to keep them on course or correct their course when necessary.  This definition will allow TPG to be certain of their success in life.

Demonstrate Servant Leadership: Following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, TPG will understand that all roles of leadership are roles of servanthood. They will apply a servant’s approach in all roles of their life.

Create and Use a Personal Mission Statement:  TPG will develop and memorize their personal mission statement prior to the completion of any successful program. This mission statement will be crucial as it will aid their decision making for small and large choices and opportunities. TPG will learn to take their mission statement “off of the wall” and determine to live it out in their life.

Establish a Vision Statement for the Future:  Mirroring a successful organization, a TPG will outline personalized goals for their future with the use of a vision statement. They are not going to let the future take them by surprise, but will proactively consider where they are going and dream about where they would like to go.  A TPG will understand that they must frequently evaluate their future and will make goal setting a part of their successful habits.

Continue Learning for Life by using a Personalized Learning Plan: A TPG will practice the habit of learning for the rest of their life.  They will read and study things that are of interest to them and they will network with each other to share valuable resources.

All TPP who complete the program and demonstrate the achievement of requirements will receive a graduation award ceremony and will join a community of graduates known as Timothy Project Alumni.  Alumni who are gifted in teaching, leadership, or vision casting may continue their education and become Timothy Project Mentors.