I am a 55 year old Christian husband, father, and businessman.  For the better part of my adult life I sought the path I should be on and the role God would have me play in this world.  For most of this time I felt uncomfortable and out of place, especially in the work environment.  I prayed earnestly for God’s guidance, yet I remained passive, waiting for life’s circumstances to come to me, waiting for the “door to open.”  Being passive caused me to merely react to the challenges I faced.  Before I committed to working with Randy, I was defeated, confused and at times bitter over what “life” had done to me.

I began the Timothy Project with a commitment to change and a willingness to listen.  The Timothy Project is a well-designed, step by step process of self-evaluation, confidence building, and leadership development.  The training is delivered through a one on one relationship with support and accountability.  It is this powerful approach that allows a man to build self-respect and confidence as he learns how to be proactive and responsible through the mentoring process.  After 30 years of searching, God blessed me with the opportunity to grow through the Timothy Project and I now know the mission God has called me to and I am proactively leading the life He intended me to live.

Doug Vriesman


The Timothy Project is an extraordinary Christ-centered program that has changed my life and given me principles and goals that will be with me forever. The program has helped me understand the purpose God created me for.  Since graduating from the program, my wife and I have started a non-profit that truly allows me to put that purpose into practice. I sincerely recommend anyone that wants to live life with purpose to become a part of the Timothy Project.

Ernest Tisdale


The Timothy Project was an intense yet rewarding leadership development program; it equipped me with the fundamental knowledge and experience that is essential for all effective leaders.  In hindsight, my experience with the Timothy Project led to a pivotal moment in my life.  Randy led me through an organized process to help me learn about and define my purpose, based on a set of values.  As a result, my decisions moving forward are filtered through my defined purpose, guiding me towards a successful life. The Timothy Project also helped shift my paradigm of success as a lifelong process of learning and serving, instead of temporary achievements.

Randy is an inspiring leader and mentor and I could always count on him to challenge my status quo.  In addition, he stood beside me during key moments in my life and taught what it means to lead by serving.  He provided the tools I needed to help me fully understand my purpose and leadership abilities.  By example, Randy helped me understand what a successful person looks like. Leading me to where I am today, and where I will go in the future.  My hope is that more people can have the experience I did by committing to the Timothy Project.

Jon Campbell


I had heard of The Timothy Project since we began attending Chapel Pointe in 2004.  Since the target demographic was billed as “young men” I really did not think it applied to me.  That was before I became an “empty nester” of sorts and realized I needed to become part of something  – to repeat an overused phrase – “greater than myself”.   But what?

The Timothy Project helped me identify my gifts, abilities, and passions.  In addition I was able to think through what I wanted to “do, be, and have” in order to set goals that will enable me to use those gifts and passions to find personal fulfillment and, more importantly, bring glory to God.

John Mulligan