About Us

The Timothy Project was born from a growing discontentment in Randy’s heart in spite of the fact that he was successful and had been at many different ventures.  His resume included JCPenny and Amway and noted the many promotions and salary increases he was always chasing – yet none of that success seemed to translate into the satisfaction in his work he was seeking.

God used that dissatisfaction to get Randy to consider two questions with life changing implications: “What is the unique purpose Randy Bronkema was created for?  Why did God create Randy Bronkema?”  As Randy faced these questions, he knew he had no idea how to answer them and he realized he had no idea where to go for the answers.  He did not know why the Lord had created him, and although that may have been daunting, he did know there was an answer and was certain there was a purpose for his life.

Through prayer, Randy began to seek and was drawn to study of leadership.  He read many books, in fact anything he could get his hands on, and his life began to change.  He was beginning to see and accept the purpose for which God had called him.  As Randy and his family began to experience a real difference in his life, he knew he needed to duplicate the key components of what he had discovered.  Inspired by the New Testament model set by Paul and Timothy, The Timothy Project was born.   Randy firmly believed that as men began to seek and live the purposes for which God called them, the culture would change for the power and honor of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Timothy Project began in 2003 and has been active every year since.  In its first years, it was a small group of men to one mentor.  The men would meet for one year and at the end of the year would be able to answer the questions: What is my purpose in this life and what did God create me for?  After three years of using the small group model, it became clear that in order to meet the needs of the men that were committing to the program, the structure would need to change.  In response, the Timothy Project became a one-to-one mentoring program.  The material did not change, but the new format allowed a more individual journey and lent itself to deeper discussion and accountability.

In its young years, The Timothy Project was presented primarily to the men of Chapel Pointe Church in Hudsonville, MI.  Every year its work produced servant leaders who were bringing their experience and excitement to the growth of Chapel Pointe’s ministries.   At the conclusion of each year, Randy would wonder if that was it or if there would be more interested in going through the course.  And every year more came forward eager to participate.

In 2009, the program moved for the first time outside of the walls of Chapel Pointe.  Confirmation of the importance of the program came from an innocent conversation with a salesperson at the Apple Store.  The young man listened to what Randy was doing in order to help him find the best computer to fit his needs, however when Randy explained the details of the program, the young salesmen could not deny that he wanted to be a part of something like that, that he needed to be a part of something like that.  He felt lost and was unsure of what to do with his life and the idea of the Timothy Project inspired hope in him.  Randy had walked into the store for a computer, but understood God had something different planned.  Randy then knew for certain, it was not just for his church that this program had been developed, but for an entire world of men that had lost their way.  As God opened his eyes to more possibilities, he also faithfully sent more men to walk through the Timothy Project.

Since 2003, there have been 20 graduates of the program, most located in the West Michigan area.  As of today, there are four men enrolled in the program and several Timothy Project Alumni working toward becoming the next generation of mentors, continuing to spread the power that comes from living a life governed by a mission.