Thank you for taking the time to consider the Timothy Project.  We are very excited about what is going to be accomplished and believe that we are joining God in His work to awaken the men of our day to rise up and worship the Lord who brought them to this place.

Please hear my prayer to our Father as we embark on this great adventure:

Dear Lord, You are mindful of the violence we have committed.  You know by name each child we have tossed aside.  You feel the hurt, you see the pain, and you hear our cries.  You have placed us where we are and long for us to respond to your stirring.  You are asking us to make a difference, prompting us to cause a chain reaction of change for the honor and glory of your name.

Lord, we confess we have been inactive, men of indecision.  We have quietly watched as the world has turned from you and have vested our lives to the pursuit of comfort.  We have been so busy building the wealth of our storehouses, chasing security and significance, that Lord, forgive us, we have forgotten how to chase you.

Thank you Lord for waking me up.  I was chasing the wind, success had become my idol.  Thank you for taking me, your weak and broken servant, and calling me!  Thank you for showing me the purpose for which you have created me for; for burning this message into my heart.

Show your men how to seek you, how to find your will. Let them know the purpose for which they were created.  Unleash your power on this program.  We believe that as men find you and center their lives on the things you have called them to, this culture will morph, making domestic violence, abortion, and crimes of all sorts victims of the power of your spirit through those men.

Lord, my passion is strong and my vision is clear.  You have called me to give this program to the world and I faithfully take steps toward that.  I listen to your voice and I pray for those that you call after me, that they will listen, that their faith will be rewarded and that they will be blessed.

In all things I acknowledge your power, your kingdom, and your goodness God.  You are a God worth submitting our entire lives to. And we do, with open hands, we move forward.  Bless us Lord, may the world know that we serve a powerful and jealous God. May the world have no doubt that you are alive and moving.  Bless the Timothy Project, in all ways mark it with your good and holy hand.

Randy Bronkema

Randy is the founder and president of the Timothy Project.  This program was created from his own need and desire to find God’s calling in his life.  The following document will take you to the start of the Timothy Project and into stories of men that have been deeply impacted by their participation. It will show you the future of The Timothy Project and teach you how to make a lasting change on this culture by joining the Timothy Project in order to reach more men.